From the asparagus in spring to winter game specialties from our own hunting grounds; In our restaurant we serve seasonal classics from the most wonderful local and regional ingredients. Valued traditions such as “De Haantjes van Bakker” have been on the menu for three generations.


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Lunch menu

Salads, hot and cold lunch dishes

Green salad with goat cheese, beetroot, dried fig and a vinaigrette of honey 12,50
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, rocket, pine nuts and tomato dressing 14.50
Shrimp cocktail with creamy cocktail sauce 15,50
Trio of fish: smoked salmon, smoked eel and a rillette of mackerel and haddock liver 14.50
Escargot; snails in spicy herb butter 11.50
Fried button mushrooms with bacon on toast (V) 10.50
Mushrooms “Dordogne”; deep-fried button mushrooms in beer batter with herbs & garlic sauce. (V) 11.50
Crispy fried mussels with herb butter 11.50
Duet of smoked tuna and tuna tartare with an Asian vinaigrette, yuzu and spring onion 14.50
Salad of marinated mushrooms, sesame soldiers and an Asian dressing (V) 12.50
Prawns with saffron pearl barley risotto and lobster jus 13.50



Clear vegetable soup with braised beef and meatballs 6.95
Tomato soup with cream and meatballs 6.95
Button mushroom cream soup with cream and button mushrooms (V) 6.95
Lobster bisque, slightly thickened with Dutch prawns 9.50
Parsnip soup with spring onion and roasted broad beans (V) 6.95


Croquettes, omelettes and fried eggs

Handmade croquettes 1 or 2 with bread 4,50 each
Three prawn croquettes from “Holtkamp”, deep-fried parsley and bread 12.50
Pan-fried sandwich with cheese or roast beef or crispy fried bacon 9.50
Omelet “Classic”; with crispy bacon, mushrooms, fried onions, paprika 9,50
“Bakker’s Uitsmijter”: pan-fried sandwich with ham, cheese, crispy fried bacon and a ball of Russian salad 10.50


Traditional lunch

Smoked Salmon on home-made thin toast with mustard/dill mayonnaise and shredded lettuce 9,95
“Wholesome” thin toast with ham and cheese, boiled free-range egg, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and fresh chives 9.75
Pan-fried toast sandwich with ham and cheese 5,95
Waldkorn mixed-grain bread with home-made tuna salad 9.50
Waldkorn mixed-grain bread with warm melted Brie, walnuts, honey and tomato (V) 9.50


Bakers Classics

“12 o’clock” 11,95
Cup of vegetable soup, Sandwich with ham, cheese and croquette, scoop of hussar salad and glass of milk or buttermilk of your choice.

“Mini 12 o’clock” 9,95
Small cup of vegetable soup, 3 small sandwiches with ham, mature cheese and croquette, glass of milk or buttermilk of your choice.

Russian egg 12,50
Meat salad dressed with various fish, remoulade sauce bread and butter.

Hussar salad 10,50
Hussar salad dressed with several meats, bread and butter.

Steak * Lunch 25,50
With chips or bread and a green mixed salad.

Wiener Lunch 14,50
With green mixed salad and chips.

* Irish Black Angus beef, originally from the highlands of Ireland. Pure, tender and rich in flavour.



Lemon sorbet with a splash of elderberry genever, a perfect way to finish the meal 6.50
Chipolata pudding with maraschino sauce 8.50
Hazelnut meringue, hazelnut cream and hazelnut ice cream 8.50
Moelleux au chocolat with citrus parfait 8.50
Ginger panna cotta, green apple ice cream and fresh ginger 8.50
Dame Blanche: vanilla ice cream, advocaat, whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce 8.50
Children’s ice cream 4.95
Parade of desserts, for 2 people or more 18,50
Tasting of domestic and foreign cheeses accompanied by a glass of white port 12.50
‘Casa de Santa Eufemia’ 12.50
Dessert wine; Muscatel Late Harvest 2014, Casa Vistamar 5.95


Dinner menu

Cold starters

Goat cheese Salad (V) €12.50
mixed green salad | goat cheese | beetroot | dried figs | vinaigrette Vorden floral honey

Beef Carpaccio € 14,50
thinly sliced carpaccio | Parmesan cheese | arugula | pine nuts | tomato dressing

Shrimp cocktail € 15,50
Dutch shrimps | creamy cocktail sauce

Trio of fish € 14,50
smoked salmon | smoked eel | rillette of mackerel and haddock liver

Duet of tuna 14.50
smoked tuna and tuna tartare | Asian vinaigrette | yuzu | spring onion

salad of marinated mushrooms V 12.50
sesame soldiers | Asian dressing


Hot starters

Escargots 11.50
Vineyard snails in a spicy herb butter

Button mushrooms V 10.50
fried mushrooms | bacon | toast

Mushroom “Dordogne” V 11.50
deep-fried button mushrooms in beer batter | herb & garlic sauce

Fried mussels 11.50
crisp fried mussels | herb butter

Prawn croquettes 12.50
3 shrimp croquettes | fried parsley

Shrimps 13.50
shrimps | saffron pearl barley risotto | lobster jus



Vegetable soup 6.95
clear vegetable soup | beef | dumplings

Tomato soup 6.95
tomato soup | cream | dumplings

Button mushroom soup V 6.95
Button mushroom cream soup | cream | button mushrooms

Lobster bisque 9.50
Lobster Bisque | lightly thickened | Dutch prawns

Parsnip soup V 6.95
parsnip soup | spring onion | roasted broad beans



Spoom €6.00
lemon sorbet | Limoncello di Capri


For big or small appetites

Children’s menu €14.50
cup of tomato soup | frankfurter, croquette, steak, cod or schnitzel | children’s ice cream
(children’s menu without soup 9.75)

Senior citizen menu
Our main courses can be ordered for 2 people at a surcharge of €7.50
on the main course, except for the half chicken à la Bakker.


Château Briand 59.50
Château Briand with Béarnaise sauce | For 2 persons, carved at the table

Tenderloin steak* 31.50
Beef tenderloin | pepper sauce

Entrecôte of Black Angus * €28.50
entrecôte | herb butter

Farmer’s entrecôte * 31.50
entrecôte | fried mushrooms | onions | paprika | bacon

Veal liver 25.50
Veal liver | bacon | onions

Wiener Schnitzel 22.50
Wiener Schnitzel of veal | anchovy | lemon

Cordon Bleu 22.50
Wiener Schnitzel filled with ham and cheese | scalloped pineapple

Finger Spare Ribs 23.50
Finger spare ribs of Iberico pork | ratatouille | garlic jus

* all our beef is Irish Angus beef, very succulent and pure in taste



Roe deer roulade 23.50
Roe deer roulade | rich game sauce | carrot and onion mash

We serve the main courses with crispy baked potatoes, fresh vegetables and a mixed green salad



Sole à la meunière (daily rate)
sole (500-600 g) | baked in butter

Salmon 23.50
Norwegian salmon| courgette and spinach | Hollandaise sauce

Cod 23.50
cod | caramelised chicory | mustard sauce

Shrimps 23.50
fried shrimps | saffron | pearl barley risotto | lobster jus



Bakker’s Jubilee Cockerel 12.50
crispy fried ½ rooster | bacon | onions | mushrooms | paprika

“Half a cockerel for half the price: that’s double the deliciousness!”
Special offer until 31 March 2020



Pumpkin risotto 18.50
pumpkin seeds | hazelnut oil | home-made cheese croquets

Burger of Portobello 17.50
Burger of Portobello | sweet potato | walnut pesto | robust chips

Sauces and garnishes

Sauces 3.25
Pepper sauce, button mushroom cream sauce, Bèarnaise sauce or lobster jus

Farmer’s garnish 3,25
fried bacon bits | button mushrooms | capsicum and onion

If you have dietary requirements or need information about allergens,
ask one of our staff for advice.

Recommended wines

2018 Grüner Veltliner bottle 34.50
Producer: Weingut Joseph Michel | Austria, Kamptal | Fresh & Crisp | 12.5% | grape: Grüner Veltliner
Refined, elegant fruity aroma. The flavour is a little exotic, fresh and the wine has a beautifully
constructed, elegant taste. The finish is long and intense.

2016 Valmoissine bottle 42.50
Producer: Louis Latour | France, Provence | Complex & Intense | 13.5% | Grape: Pinot Noir
This lovely Pinot Noir is soft on the nose, not the typical aroma.
It has a pale, almost rosé-like colour. The taste is soft, supple and, when slightly cooled,
this wine beautifully matches more highly flavoured fish dishes.

2017 Bolgheri bottle 42.50
Producer: Le Macchiole | Italy, Tuscany | Rich & Robust | 14.5% | Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
Good, robust wine with lots of strength and full flavour. Beautiful blend of 4 various
grapes that together make a superb Bolgheri. Lots of tannins and a long finish.


Lemon sorbet 6.50
lemon sorbet | a hint of elderberry genever | for the small appetite

Chipolata 8.50
chipolata bavarois | maraschino sauce

Hazelnut 8.50
Hazelnut meringue | hazelnut crème | hazelnut ice cream

Moelleux au chocolat 8.50
Moelleux au chocolat | citrus parfait

Ginger panna cotta 8.50
Ginger panna cotta | green apple ice cream | fresh ginger

Dame Blanche 8.50
vanilla Ice cream | hot chocolate sauce | advocaat | whipped cream

Parade of desserts 18.50
can be ordered for 2 people or more

Children’s ice cream 4.95
vanilla ice cream | strawberry sauce | speckles | whipped cream

Cheese & Port 12.50
domestic and foreign cheeses | white port

Dessert wine 5.95
Moscatel Late Harvest 2015 | Casa Vistamar

Bonbons 0.95
Artisan-made chocolate bonbons | per piece




Cognac V.S.O.P.
Bruno de Lestapis, Grappa, Calvados, Armagnac 6.50
Marc de Bourgogne, Grappa di Barolo, Grappa di Barbera 6.50
Various single-malt whiskies 8.00


Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, D.O.M.
Bénédictine 6.50
Tia Maria, Baileys, Sambuca, Amaretto, Limoncello di Capri 6.50

Coffee | Tea

Coffee, Espresso, Tea 2.50
Cappuccino, café au lait, 2.60
Latte Machiatto 2.95
Fresh mint tea or fresh ginger tea 3.50

D.O.M. Café with D.O.M. Bénédictine, French Coffee with Grand Marnier, Irish Coffee with Irish whiskey 7,50


Bakker’s Wine list
Ask our staff for our extensive wine list and the menu with cellar oddments!

With coffee & drinks

With drinks


“Bitterballen” handmade 0.90 each
Mixed appetisers cold and hot per person 6,50
Cheese sticks, “vlammetjes”, butterfly shrimp 0,90 each
Shrimp croquettes from “Holtkamp” 3 portions 11,50
Young or matured cheese, per portion of 6 pieces 5.95
Hausmacher & fried sausage from “Vlogman”, 6 pieces 5.95
Chicken livers wrapped in bacon and crispy fried 6.95
Mixed nuts per portion 3,50
Garlic olives per serving 3,50
Bitter balls of roe deer with truffle mayonnaise, per piece 0.90

Bakkers drinks plank (2 persons)
Antipasto, various cheeses and hams, warm snack, piquitos and nuts, olives, bread and dip 13.50

Brand tasting

4 tasting glasses with “Brand” seasonal beers accompanied by 4 matching snacks 12,50

Pastries and sweets with coffee

Home-made apple & apricot tart with a dash of whipped cream 3.50
Staring cinnamon cake from “Dick Ten Broeke” with a dash of whipped cream 2.75
Hazelnut meringue with whipped cream (gluten free) 3.25
Artisan hand-made bonbons, per piece 0.95

Something to celebrate?

Bakker in Vorden has years of experience in organising parties, catering and events. Based on that experience, we are happy to help you organize your wedding, anniversary, birthday, farewell or business meeting.  Sporty, cosy, modest or exclusive: we adapt the hall and furnishings to your wishes.

More information…

Image - Lekker dineren bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Wild proeven bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Lekker eten bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden

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