From the asparagus in the spring to winter game specialities from our own hunting grounds; in our restaurant, we serve seasonal classics of the finest local and regional ingredients. Valued traditions such as “De Haantjes van Bakker” have been on the menu for three generations.


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Lunch menu

Cold lunches

Green salad with goat cheese, beetroot, dried fig and a vinaigrette of honey 12,50
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, arugula lettuce, pine nuts and a tomato dressing 14,50
Shrimp cocktail with creamy cocktail sauce 15,50
Trio of fish: smoked salmon, smoked eel and a rillette of mackerel and haddock liver 15,50
Wild duck paté, Veluwe wild boar paté & fig chutney 13,50
Wood pigeon salad with bok choy, lettuce, oriental dressing, pomegranate and roasted sesame 13,50
Wild boar coppa with potato celeriac salad and red onion compote 14,50
Game tasting: 5 types of cold appetizers. Let us surprise you! 15,50


Hot lunch dishes

Escargot; snails in spicy herb butter 10,50
Fried mushrooms with bacon and toast 9,50
Crispy fried mussels with garlic butter 10,50
3 Shrimp croquettes with fried parsley 11,50
Crispy baked black pudding, winter apple, roasted sausages and apple sauce 15,50
Baked pigeon breast with parsnip puree, blueberry and a game sauce 15,50



Clear vegetable soup with stewed beef and meatballs 6,50
Tomato soup with cream and meatballs 6,50
Rich game broth with shiitake and blueberries 7,50
Wild mushrooms, lightly bound with truffle oil and truffle-garlic croutons 7,50


Traditional Lunch

Smoked Salmon on home-made thin toast with mustard/dill mayonnaise, fine lettuce 9,95
Thin toast topped with ham and cheese, boiled free-range egg, tomato, lettuce,
cucumber and fresh chives 9,75
Handmade croquettes 1 or 2 with bread 4,50 each
Three shrimp croquettes from “Holtkamp”, fried parsley and bread 11,50
Omelet “Classic”; with crispy bacon, mushrooms, fried onions, paprika 9,50
Fried eggs with ham, cheese, roast beef or crispy fried bacon 8,50
Pan-fried toast sandwich with ham and cheese 5,95


Bakers Classics

“12 o’clock” 11,95
Cup of vegetable soup, Sandwich with ham, cheese and croquette, scoop of hussar salad and glass of milk or buttermilk of your choice.

“Mini 12 o’clock” 9,95
Small cup of vegetable soup, 3 small sandwiches with ham, mature cheese and croquette, glass of milk or buttermilk of your choice.

Russian egg 12,50
Meat salad dressed with various fish, remoulade sauce bread and butter.

Hussar salad 10,50
Hussar salad dressed with several meats, bread and butter.

Steak * Lunch 25,50
With chips or bread and a green mixed salad.

Wiener Lunch 14,50
With green mixed salad and chips.

Bakers fried eggs 10,50
With ham, cheese, fried bacon and a scoop of hussar salad.

* Irish Black Angus beef, originally from the highlands of Ireland. Pure, tender and rich in flavour.



Elderberry sorbet with a hint of elderberry gin, delicious to round off your dinner 6,50
Chipolata pudding with maraschino sauce 8,50
Autumn sundae: walnut ice cream with Amaretto and roasted hazelnuts 8,50
Sugarloaf French toast with cinnamon ice cream and cinnamon crumble 8,50
Grandma’s Semolina pudding, lightly roasted, with berry juice 8,50
Stewed pear with crumble, glühwein syrup and stewed pear ice cream 8,50
Dame Blanche: vanilla ice cream, advocaat, whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce 8,50
Children’s ice cream: vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, speckles and whipped cream 4,95
Cheese & Port: domestic and foreign cheeses and a glass of white port 12,50
Parade of desserts, for 2 people or more 18,50
Cheese & Port: assortment of Dutch cheeses with a glass of white port 12,50
Dessert wine Moscatel Late Harvest 2015 | Casa Vistamar 5,95
Bon Bon Plateau of handmade chocolates and treats 8,95


Dinner menu

Cold Starters

Goat cheese salad € 12,50
mixed green salad | goat cheese | beetroot | dried figs | vinaigrette Vorden floral honey

Beef Carpaccio € 14,50
thinly sliced carpaccio | Parmesan cheese | arugula | pine nuts | tomato dressing

Shrimp cocktail € 15,50
Dutch shrimps | creamy cocktail sauce

Trio of fish € 14,50
smoked salmon | smoked eel | rillette of mackerel and haddock liver

Paté’s € 13,50

wild duck paté | Veluw wild boar paté & fig chutney

Wood pigeon salad € 13,50
mixture of bok choy and frisee lettuce | oriental dressing | pomegranate | roasted sesame

Veluwe wild boar € 14,50
wild boar coppa | potato celeriac salad | red onion compote

Homemade roe ham € 14,50
2 preparations of roe ham: cured ham | ham cannelloni filled with wild duck rillette | red onion compote

Game tasting € 15,50
5 types of cold starters | let us surprise you!


Hot Starters

Escargot € 10,50
snails in spicy herb butter

Mushrooms € 9,50
fried mushrooms | bacon | toast

Fried mussels € 10,50
crisp fried mussels | herb butter

Shrimp croquettes € 11,50
3 shrimp croquettes | fried parsley

Black pudding and roe € 15,50
crispy fried black pudding | winter apple | roe sausages | apple syrup sauce

Fried pigeon breast € 15,50
fried pigeon breast | parsnip puree | blueberry and game gravy



Vegetable soup € 6,50
clear vegetable soup | beef | dumplings

Tomato soup € 6,50
tomato soup | cream | dumplings

Game broth € 7,50
rich game broth | shiitake | blueberries

Wild mushroom soup € 7,50
lightly bonded | truffle oil | garlic truffle croutons



Spoom € 5.00
lemon sorbet | Elderberry jenever



Sole à la meunière (daily rate)
sole (500-600 g) | baked in butter

Salmon € 23,50
Norwegian salmon | beurre blanc

Catfish € 25,50
fried catfish | leek and Dutch shrimps | Noilly Prat sauce



Autumnal risotto & burger € 17,50
Truffle risotto | wild mushroom burger

Brussels sprout stew € 18,50
Brussels sprout stew | mature cheese croquette | crispy red onion rings


Meat & Poultry

Tenderloin * € 31,50
tenderloin | Stroganoff sauce

Entrecôte of Black Angus * € 28,50
entrecôte | herb butter

Farmers entrecôte * € 31,50
entrecôte | fried mushrooms | onions | paprika | bacon

Pork fillet € 23,50
pork fillet | mushroom cream sauce

Wiener Schnitzel € 21,50
Wiener Schnitzel of veal | anchovy | lemon | mushroom cream sauce

Cordon Bleu € 22,00

Wiener Schnitzel filled with ham and cheese | scalloped pineapple

Half cock à la Bakker € 18,50
crispy fried ½ rooster | bacon | onions | mushrooms | paprika

* all our beef is Irish Angus beef, very tender and pure in taste

We serve the main courses with crispy baked potatoes, fresh vegetables and a mixed green salad


For young or old

Children’s menu € 13,50
cup of tomato soup | frankfurter, croquette, steak or schnitzel | children’s ice cream
(children’s menu without soup € 9,75)

Seniors menu
Our main courses can be ordered for 2 people at a surcharge of € 7,50
on the main course, with the exception of game dishes.

If you have dietary requirements or need information about allergens,
ask one of our staff for advice.





Pheasant Metternich € 27,50
preserved leg | fried breast fillet wrapped in bacon | creamed sauerkraut | Vorden smoked sausage



Wild duck à l’orange
½ braised duck | orange sauce € 23,50
1 whole braised duck | orange sauce € 28,50

Fried duck breast € 24,50
fried duck breast | red port sauce



Roe fillet rosé roasted € 29,50
rosé roasted roe fillet | rich game sauce | carved for you at the table

Saint Hubert roe steak € 34,50
roe steak | oyster mushrooms | red port sauce

Duet of roe roulade & roe fillet € 27,50
roe roulade & roe fillet | juniper sauce | gingerbread | cloves

Game stew € 22,50
game stew | red cabbage | mashed potatoes | lingonberry



Saddle of hare € 29,50
saddle of hare fillet | Amarena cherry sauce

Leg of hare € 24,00
braised hare leg | rich game sauce

Game stew and hare forequarter € 24,50
Game stew | hare forequarter | mashed sprouts | rich gravy



Triptych of game € 34,50
saddle of hare | roe fillet | duck breast | game sauce


Game tasting

Game dish € 39,50
served in two courses:
1st course: candied pheasant leg | rosé roasted pigeon breast | creamed sauerkraut

2nd course: rosé fried roe steak | leg of hare | red cabbage

All our game comes from the Achterhoek or Veluwe, there may be buckshot in the flesh.


Recommended Game wines


Selected by ‘Wild eten in de Achterhoek’


2016 Reserve Syrah Cabernet Merlot bottle € 27,50
The full character of the Syrah grape gives the wine its full, fruity character with the silky smoothness of the Merlot. The touch of Cabernet Sauvignon provides an intense deep red colour, with tones of black currant and a spicy aftertaste. Full, powerful and fruity with a hint of pepper, mocha and vanilla.
Producer: Rhodan | Origin: France, Pays d’oc region
Style: Full & Bold | 13.5% | Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah


Selected by Hotel Bakker


Rioja Reserva bottle € 34,50
Beautiful wonderful rioja really a full wine in which you can find the love of the winemaker. The wine has a garnet red colour. A fragrance with aromas of ripe fruit and herbs. A full starter in the mouth with ripe tannins. An exquisite texture. Ending with a long aftertaste with aromas of cocoa and toast.
Producer: Bodegas Señorio Las Viñas | Origin: Rioja Spain
Style: full-bodied and powerful 14% | Grape: Tempranillo and Mazuelo

2014 Gigondas bottle € 47,50
Beautiful garnet red. The aroma of red fruit, a little clove and liquorice. Mature wine with light tannins. Suitable with lamb and game dishes.
Producer: Fontsane | Origin: France, Rhone
Style: Rich & Powerful | 13.5% | Grape: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault

2017 Barbera d’Alba bottle € 39,50
Partly matured in oak barrels ruby Barbera. The aroma of red fruit, plum, raspberry and balsamic. Intense flavour with a long aftertaste. Excellent with hearty red meat, game and lamb dishes.
Producer: Enzo Boglietti | Origin: Italy, Piedmont
Style: Rich and powerful | 14.5% | Grape: Barbera

2016 Neropasso bottle € 27,50
The Neropasso Originale Rosso Veneto has an intense ruby red colour. A spicy bouquet with hints of cherry, black cherry and plum compote. Fine and velvety on the palette, retaining a soft tannin in the aftertaste.
Producer: Biscardo Vini | Origin: Italy, Veneto
Style: Supple and fruity | 13.5% | Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Corvina, Corvinone



Elderberry sorbet € 6,50
lemon sorbet | a touch of elderberry gin | for the small appetite

Chipolata € 8,50

chipolata pudding | maraschino sauce

Autumn coupe € 8,50
nut ice cream | Amaretto | roasted hazelnuts

Cinnamon € 8,50
French toast with sugar loaf | cinnamon ice cream | cinnamon crumble

Grandmother’s Semolina € 9,50
Grandmothers Semolina pudding, lightly roasted | berry juice

Stewed Pears € 8,50
stewed pear | crumble | glühwein syrup | pear ice cream

Dame Blanche € 8,50
vanilla Ice cream | hot chocolate sauce | advocaat | whipped cream

Parade of desserts € 18,50
can be ordered for 2 people or more

Children’s ice cream € 4,95
vanilla ice cream | strawberry sauce | speckles | whipped cream

Cheese & Port € 12,50
Assortment of Dutch cheese | white port

Dessert wine € 5,95
Moscatel Late Harvest 2015 | Casa Vistamar

Bon Bon Plateau € 8,95
Handmade chocolates and sweets




Cognac V.S.O.P.
Bruno de Lestapis, Grappa, Calvados, Armagnac € 6,50

Marc de Bourgogne, Grappa di Barolo, Grappa di Barbera € 6,50

Diverse single malt whisky’s € 8,00


Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, D.O.M.
Bénédictine € 6,50

Tia Maria, Baileys, Sambuca, Amaretto, Limoncello di Capri € 6,50

Coffee | Tea

Coffee, Espresso, Tea € 2,40
Cappuccino, latte € 2,50
Fresh mint tea 3,50 €
Café with D.O.M. Bénédictine, French Coffee with Grand Marnier, Irish Coffee with Irish whiskey € 6,95


Bakker’s Wine list
Ask our staff for our extensive wine list and the menu with cellar oddments!

With coffee & drinks

With drinks


“Bitterballen” handmade 0.90 each
Mixed appetisers cold and hot per person 6,50
Cheese sticks, “vlammetjes”, butterfly shrimp 0,90 each
Shrimp croquettes from “Holtkamp” 3 portions 11,50
Regular or matured cheese per portion 6 pieces 5,75
Hausmacher & grilled sausage from “Vlogman” 6 pieces 5,75
Chicken livers wrapped in bacon and crispy fried 6,95
Mixed nuts per portion 3,50
Garlic olives per serving 3,50
Roe sausages with Doesburg mustard 6,95

Brand Tasting

4 tasting glasses with “Brand” seasonal beers accompanied by 4 matching snacks 12,50

Pastries and sweets with coffee

Homemade apple-apricot tartlet with a dash of whipped cream 3,50
Staring cinnamon cake from “Dick ten Broeke” with a dash of whipped cream 2,75

Something to celebrate?

Bakker in Vorden has many years of experience in organising parties, catering and events. Based on that experience, we are happy to help you organize your wedding, anniversary, birthday, farewell or business meeting.  Sporty, cosy, modest or exclusive: we adapt the hall and furnishings to your wishes.

More information…

Image - Lekker dineren bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Wild proeven bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Lekker eten bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden

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