From asparagus in spring to winter game specialities from our own hunting grounds, our restaurant serves seasonal classics made from the finest local and regional ingredients. Valued traditions such as ‘de Haantjes van Bakker’ have been on the menu for three generations.

The entire menu can be ordered for a delicious lunch or dinner at your home or business.

Should you have any dietary requirements or information on allergens, please ask one of our staff for advice.


Lunch menu

🌿 vegetarian or vegan available



Clear vegetable soup with braised beef and meatballs 7,00
Tomato soup with cream and meatballs 7,00
Game broth with shiitake and blueberries 7,50
Mushrooms, lightly bound with a touch of cream 🌿 7,50



Mixed salad with goat cheese, walnut and flower honey 🌿 12,50
Caesar salad Classic with smoked chicken or fried prawns 🌿 12,50
Russian egg: meat salad with various types of fish and rémoulade sauce 12,50
Russian salad, home-made with various kinds of meat 11,50



Classic club sandwich with bacon, smoked chicken and curry mayonnaise 11,50
Club sandwich with smoked salmon, herb cream cheese, red onion, capers 11,50
Waldkorn healthy, ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber and a boiled free-range egg 🌿 9,50
Waldkorn with thinly sliced beef carpaccio, rocket salad and Parmesan cheese 10,50
Waldkorn with tuna salad, capers, gherkin and red onion 9,50


Warm rolls, burgers & croquettes

Bakkers burger of game from the Achterhoek region with fried onions, pickles, and tomato 12.50
Waldkorn with brie from the oven, with walnut, honey and tomato 🌿 9,50
Handmade croquettes with bread, per piece 4,50
Three ‘Holtkamp’ shrimp croquettes, deep-fried parsley and bread 11,50
Traditional toasted sandwich with pan-fried ham and cheese 🌿 6,50


Egg dishes

‘Uitsmijter’ with sliced ham from Gelderland and cheese 🌿 9,50
‘Uitsmijter’ with crispy fried bacon 9,50
Classic omelette with crispy bacon, mushrooms, fried onions, pepper 🌿 9,50
Bakkers ‘Uitsmijter’ with ham, cheese, fried bacon and a small scoop of hussar salad 11,50


Bakker’s classic

12 o’clock 🌿 12,50
Soup of the season, cheese sandwich, croquette and a small scoop of Russian salad


For our small guests

Sandwich with cheese, ham, peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles or jam 2,50
Sandwich with a croquette or sausage 4,50



Home-made apple and apricot pie with a dollop of whipped cream 3,50
Staring cinnamon cake from ‘Dick Ten Broeke’ with a dollop of whipped cream 3,25
Hazelnut merengue with whipped cream (gluten free) 3,25


Dinner menu

🌿 vegetarian or vegan available


Cold starters

Carpaccio 14,50
Beef carpaccio marinated in mustard, sea salt and parsley with rocket salad, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts

Shrimp cocktail 15,50
Dutch shrimp cocktail with creamy cocktail sauce

Combination of fish 15,50
Combination of fish: smoked salmon, eel, rillette of mackerel and Dutch shrimps

Salad with goat cheese 🌿 12,50
Salad made with a dressing of Vorden flower honey, combined with goat’s cheese and walnuts

Classic caesar salad with baked pigeon breast 14.50
Classic Caesar salad with baked pigeon breast, figs, walnuts, pomegranate and an orange dressing

Game tasting 15,50
A selection of home-made game delicacies.
Let us surprise you!

Game pâté 13,50
Traditionally prepared game pâté with fig chutney


Warm appetisers

Fried mussels 12.50
Crispy fried mussels with herb butter

Escargots 11,50
Half a dozen snails in spicy garlic-celery butter

Mushrooms ‘Dordogne’ 🌿 11,50
Mushrooms ‘Dordogne’ with hot garlic sauce

Blood sausage, pigeon breast and venison sausage 14,50
Blood sausage, pigeon breast and sausage of hinterland deer with red port sauce

Spoom 6,50
Lemon sorbet ice cream with Limoncello


Main courses

All main courses are served with fresh seasonal vegetables and crispy jacket potatoes. Our portions are average, but feel free to order a little extra! We prefer to bring you something extra than to get rid of the surplus on your plate.

Sole à la Meunière 37.50
Dover sole à la Meunière, crisply fried in butter

Sea Bream fillet 26,50
Pan fried Sea Bream fillet with mussels and curry cream

Fried garlic prawns 🌿 25,50
Fried garlic prawns with pappardelle, fresh garden herbs, fennel oil and black pepper

Black Angus Tournedos 34,50
Black Angus Tournedos with classic pepper sauce

Short rib 26,50
Tender beef short ribs with a truffle sauce

Wiener Schnitzel 25,50
Wiener Schnitzel of veal, breaded and crispy fried, lemon and anchovy

Cordon Bleu 24,50
Cordon Bleu ‘classic’ filled with ham and cheese, topped with pineapple and cheese

Bakker’s traditional ‘Half Cockerel’ 19,50
Bakker’s traditional half cockerel with garnish of bacon, mushrooms, onions and peppers, served with French fries

Cannelloni 🌿 19,50
Cannelloni of yellow and green courgette, mushrooms and pepper

Portobello from the oven 🌿 19,50
Portobello from the oven filled with sweet potato cooked with tarragon and thyme



With great respect and reverence, we prepare the beautiful venison from our immediate surroundings We would like you to enjoy this beautiful piece of organic meat with us. Please note: the meat may contain particles of shrapnel.

Pheasant Metternich 27,50
Confit leg, larded pheasant breast, sauerkraut, a slice of smoked venison sausage, served with a strong game sauce.

Duck à l’orange 27,50
Confit duck leg and roast duck breast with an orange sauce

Hare duet 28,50
Cooked hare leg, fillet of hare back, red cabbage and a sauce of Amarene cherries

Venison steak and hare casserole 24,50
Tenderloin of venison, red cabbage and mashed potatoes

Fillet of venison ‘Saint Hubert’ 36.50
Medallions of venison ‘Saint Hubert’ with oyster mushrooms, potato chestnut cream and red wine sauce

Tasting of Achterhoek venison 27,50
Rump steak, sausage and rolled venison with Brussels sprouts and a hearty game sauce

Triptych of game 37,50
Fillet of hare back, venison steak and duck breast with red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and a hearty game sauce

Vorden delicacy 27.50
Pigeon breast, slice of artisan blood sausage, venison sausage, truffle risotto, forest mushrooms and red wine sauce


5-course game tasting

75,00 p.p.


Tasting of game dishes
Rillette of wild duck, copa of wild boar, game pate with fig chutney


Pheasant & smoked venison sausage
Confit of pheasant foot, sauerkraut with cream, smoked venison sausage


Pigeon breast
Pigeon breast from wood pigeon, black pudding and apple syrup


Achterhoek venison tasting
Achterhoek venison steak, a venison sausage and traditionally prepared venison roast served with mushrooms and a hearty game sauce


Grand dessert or cheese platter
Grand dessert of sweet delicacies
A tasting of domestic and foreign cheeses with apple syrup and nuts


This menu can only be ordered per table.
Please ask our staff for a wine pairing.



Pannacotta 9,50
Liquorice pannacotta with ‘Bakkertje’ syrup

Moeulleux aux chocolat 9,50
Moelleux aux chocolat with vanilla ice cream and Amarene cherries

French toast 10,50
French toast with cinnamon ice cream

Coupe ‘Noisette’ 9,50
‘Noisette’ coupe with nut ice cream and Amaretto

Lemon sorbet ice cream 6,50
For a small appetite, lemon sorbet ice cream with elderberry gin

Dame Blanche 9,50
Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, eggnog and warm chocolate sauce

Chipolata pudding 9,50
Chipolata pudding with maraschino sauce

Cheese platter 13,50
Selection of domestic and foreign cheeses, apple syrup and nuts


Coffee & Tea

Coffee | Tea
Coffee, Espresso, Tea 2,75
Cappuccino, Cafe au lait 2,95
Fresh mint tea 3,75

Dessert Coffee
D.O.M. Coffee with D.O.M. Bénédictine 7,50
French coffee with Grand Marnier 7.50
Irish coffee with Irish Whiskey 7.50

Artisanal chocolates per piece à 1,25



Cognac V.S.O.P. Bruno de Lestapis, Grappa, Calvados, Armagnac 7,50
Marc de Bourgogne, Grappa di Barolo, Grappa di Barbera 7,50
Various single malt whiskies from 8.50

Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, D.O.M. Bénédictine 6,50
Tia Maria, Baileys, Sambuca, Amaretto, Limoncello di Capri 6,50

Bakkertje 3,50
Jachtbitter, traditional recipe of Willem Bakker.
In 1945, Willem Bakker served Jachtbitter for the first time in his pub on the Dorpsstraat in Vorden. Today, the third Bakker generation serves their one and only Vordense Bakkertje here. Made according to a secret family recipe, it is drawn from the finest selected herbs from the Achterhoek region. Pure nature, soft and delicious.
Alc. 30% Vol | 50 cl


Recommended game wines

Please see the wine list for the extensive range of wines.

2018 Domaine Garric bottle 32,50 | glass 6,50
It owes its deep red colour and powerful finish, to Syrah and Grenache grapes.
Combines perfectly with meat and venison dishes.
Producer: Vins Du Sud | Origin: France, Languedoc
Style: rich & powerful | 14,5 % | Grape: Grenache Noir, Syrah

2018 Chateau Cartier bottle 57,50
A profoundly dark-coloured and very powerful-tasting Saint Emilion from Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. With this fragrant wine, the youngest member of the Moueix family, Alain, proves his great abilities as an Oenologist. It is the second wine of the Chateau Fonroque.
Pairs well with meat and game dishes.
Producer: Bordeaux Chateau | Origin: France, Bordeaux
Style: rich & powerful | 14% | Grape: Cabernet Franc & Merlot

2016 Primitivo di Manduria bottle 72,50
Full-bodied, with soft, rich and beautifully delicate tannins on the pallet, coffee cocoa and vanilla emerge.
Pairs well with hare back, wild boar & cheeses
Producer: Apulia Vino | Origin: Italy, Apulia
Style: rich & powerful | 14,5% | Grape: Primitivo

2020 Bourgonge Gamay bottle 45,00
This Burgundy owes its raspberry-red colour and its exquisitely fruity finish to the noblest Gamay grapes from the south of the Burgundy. Its delicate finesse comes from a small amount of Pinot Noir grapes from northern Burgundy.
Pairs well with red meat & venison.
Producer: Louis Latour | Origin: France, Burgundy
Style: rich & powerful | 13% | Grape: Gamay & Pinot Noir

2013 Chateau Talbot bottle 225,-
After the traditional fermentation, the wine undergoes a wood ageing of one and a half years in partly new oak barrels, the wood is beautifully interwoven with the fruit. This wine has fruit and finesse at its best!
Pairs well with red meat & venison.
Producer: Bordeaux Chateau | Origin: France, Bordeaux Saint Julien
Style: rich & powerful | 14% | Grape: Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot


To accompany drinks


Achterhoek venison appetisers and truffle mayonnaise 0,95
Handmade appetisers per piece 0.95
Mixed cold and warm appetisers per person 6,50
Cheese sticks, flamingo, butterfly shrimps per piece 0,95
‘Holtkamp’ shrimp croquettes 3 pieces 9,9
Young or old cheese per portion 6 pieces 6,50
Chicken livers wrapped in bacon, fried crispy 6,95
Assortment of traditional Achterhoek sausages 6,50
Mixed nuts per serving 3.50
Marinated olives per serving 3,50

Bakkers venison & cheese appetiser platter (2 persons) 15,00
Antipasti; cheese and venison delicacies, hot snack, nuts, olives, bread and dip


Something to celebrate?

Bakker in Vorden has years of experience in organising parties, catering and events. We use this experience to help you organise your wedding, anniversary, birthday, farewell or business meeting. Sporty, convivial, modest or exclusive: we will adapt the room and furnishings to your wishes.

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