From the asparagus in spring to winter game specialties from our own hunting grounds; in our restaurant we serve seasonal classics made with the most wonderful local and regional ingredients. Valued traditions such as “De Haantjes van Bakker” have been on the menu for three generations.
Anything on the menu can be ordered for a delicious lunch or dinner for home or work.

If you have dietary requirements or need information about allergens, please talk to one of our staff.


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Lunch menu


Clear vegetable soup with braised beef and meatballs 7.00
Tomato soup with cream and meatballs 7.00
Zucchini soup with garlic croutons 7.00
Southern French Bouillabaisse with rouille sauce and croutons 10.50


Salads, hot and cold lunch dishes

Summer salad with goat cheese, beetroot, dried figs and honey vinaigrette 12.50
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, arugula, pine nuts and tomato dressing 14.50
Shrimp cocktail with creamy cocktail sauce 15.50
Trio of fish: smoked salmon, smoked eel and a rillette of mackerel and haddock liver 15.50
Sampler platter: prawns, smoked salmon, carpaccio and Serrano ham, bouillon 15.50
1/2 Fresh Canadian lobster* with home-made mayonnaise 16.50
Oysters fines de claire with red wine vinegar and shallots, 2.75 each
Escargots; vineyard snails in savory herb butter 10.50
Lobster and sweetbread* with sea greens and beurre blanc 16.50
Mushrooms “Dordogne”; deep-fried button mushrooms in beer batter with herbs and garlic sauce (V) 12.50
Crispy fried mussels with herb butter 12.50

* If available

Croquettes, omelets and sandwiches

Handmade croquettes 1 or 2 with bread 4,50 each
Three-prawn croquettes from “Holtkamp”, deep-fried parsley and bread 12.50
Pan-fried sandwich with cheese or roast beef or crispy fried bacon 9.50
“Classic” omelet; with crispy bacon, button mushrooms, fried onions and bell pepper 9.50
“Bakker’s Uitsmijter”: pan-fried sandwich with ham, cheese, crispy fried bacon and a scoop of Russian salad 10.50


Traditional lunch

Smoked salmon on home-made thinly sliced toast with lime mayonnaise and shredded lettuce 11.50
“Wholesome” thinly sliced toast with ham and cheese, boiled free-range egg, tomato, lettuce,
cucumber and fresh chives 10.50
Pan-fried toast sandwich with ham and cheese 6.50
Waldkorn mixed-grain bread with warm melted Brie, walnuts, honey and tomato (V) 9.50


Bakkers’ Classics

“12 o’clock” 11.95
Cup of vegetable soup, sandwich with ham, cheese and croquette, scoop of Russian salad and glass of milk or buttermilk of your choice.

“Vegetarian 12 o’clock” 11.95
Cup of zucchini soup, sandwich with cheese, fried egg and vegetable croquette.

“Mini 12 o’clock” 10.50
Small cup of vegetable soup, 3 small sandwiches with ham, mature cheese and croquette, glass of milk or buttermilk of your choice.

Russian egg 13.50
Meat salad dressed with various fish, remoulade sauce, bread and butter.

Russian salad 11.50
Russian salad dressed with a selection of meats, with bread and butter.

Wiener Schnitzel with green mixed salad and French fries. 15.50

Steak Lunch 25.50
Black Angus beef with French fries or bread and salad.

Salmon Lunch 21.50
Slice of salmon, green salad and French fries.

Linguini 15.50
With caramelized tomatoes, zucchini, red onion and spinach, Parmesan cheese.

Bakker’s sampler platter for 2 people 19.50
Soup, smoked salmon, oxtail carpaccio, bread and butter.

* Irish Black Angus beef sourced from the Irish Highlands. Pure, tender and rich in flavor.


For our little guests

Sandwich With cheese, ham, peanut butter, sprinkles or jam 2.50; with croquette or Frankfurter sausage 3.50



Lemon sorbet with a splash of Limoncello di Capri; a delicious way to finish your meal 6.50
Chipolata bavaroise with maraschino sauce 9.50
Crème brulée and Bourbon vanilla ice cream 9.50
Caramel and hazelnut meringue 8.50
Dame Blanche: vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and Advocaat liqueur 8.50
Fresh red fruit with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 8.50
Asiette Isabel: 3 types of sorbet topped with whipped cream 7.50
Children’s ice cream 4.95
Parade of desserts, for 2 people or more 18.50
Tasting of domestic and foreign cheeses accompanied by a glass of white port 12.50
Dessert wine; Moscatel Late Harvest 2015, Casa Vistamar 5.95


Dinner menu

Cold starters

Summer salad with goat cheese 12.50
mixed green salad | goat cheese | beetroot | dried figs | vinaigrette with local Vorden floral honey

Beef carpaccio 14.50
thinly sliced carpaccio | Parmesan cheese | arugula | pine nuts | tomato dressing

Prawn cocktail 15.50
Dutch prawns | creamy cocktail sauce

Trio of fish 15.50
smoked salmon | smoked eel | rillette of mackerel and haddock liver

Starter sampler plate 15.50
prawns | smoked salmon| carpaccio and Serrano ham | herb bouillon

1/2 Fresh lobster* 16.50
1/2 Fresh Canadian lobster | home-made mayonnaise

Oysters 2.75 each
Oysters fines de claire | red wine vinegar

* If available


Hot starters

Escargots 10.50
vineyard snails in a spicy herb butter

Mushrooms “Dordogne” 12.50
deep-fried button mushrooms in beer batter | herbs | garlic sauce (V)

Fried mussels 12.50
crispy fried mussels | herb butter

Prawn croquettes 12.50
3 prawn croquettes from Holtkamp | deep-fried parsley

Lobster and sweetbread* 21.50
Lobster | sweetbread| see greens | beurre blanc

* If available



Vegetable soup 7.00
clear vegetable soup | beef | meatballs

Tomato soup 7.00
tomato soup | cream | meatballs

Zucchini soup 7.00
Zucchini soup | garlic croutons

Bouillabaisse 10.50
Southern French Bouillabaisse with rouille sauce and croutons



Spoom € 6.50
lemon sorbet | Limoncello di Capri



Chateaubriand* 62.50
For 2 people; carved tableside
Chateaubriand | Béarnaise sauce

Tenderloin steak* 31.50
steak | Béarnaise sauce or pepper sauce

Black Angus sirloin steak * 28.50
sirloin steak | herb butter

Farmer’s sirloin steak 31.50
sirloin steak | fried button mushrooms | onions | bell pepper | bacon

Wiener schnitzel 23.50
Wiener schnitzel of veal | anchovy | lemon

Cordon Bleu 23.50
Wiener schnitzel filled with ham and cheese | scalloped pineapple

Calf sweetbread 31.50
crispy fried veal sweetbread | fried button mushrooms

* All our beef specialties are made with Irish Angus beef.


Summer Fish Specialties


1/2 Fresh lobster* 16.50
1/2 Fresh Canadian lobster | home-made mayonnaise

Oysters 2.75 each
Oysters fines de claire | red wine vinegar | shallots

Bouillabaisse 10.50
Southern French Bouillabaisse | rouille sauce and croutons

Main courses

Sole Meunière 37.50
sole Meunière | fried in butter

Fried prawns 23.50
fried prawns | linguini | olive oil | garlic | fresh herbs

Sea bass 25.50
oven-baked see bass | green asparagus | tomatoes | lemon | olive oil

Mussels 22.50
fresh boiled mussels | French fries | sauces | green salad


Sticker Half a cockerel à la Restaurant Bakker in Vorden


Half a cockerel à la Bakker € 17.50
crispy fried ½ cockerel | bacon | onions | mushrooms | bell pepper



Oven-baked chickpea burger 17.50
oven-baked chickpea burger | with scalloped Camembert | stir-fried summer vegetables

Linguini 17.50
fresh linguini | caramelized tomato | zucchini | red onion | spinach


For big or small appetites

Senior citizen menu
You can order our main courses for 2 people
for a surcharge of 10.00 on top of the price of the main course.

Kids’ menu 13.50
cup of tomato soup | Frankfurter sausage, croquette, steak bites or schnitzel | kids’ ice cream

Sauces and garnishes

Sauces 3.25
Béarnaise sauce, pepper sauce or mushroom cream sauce

Farmer’s garnish 3.25
fried bacon bits | button mushrooms | bell pepper and onion


Lemon sorbet 6.50
lemon sorbet | Limoncello di Capri | for those with a small appetite

Chipolata 9.50
chipolata bavaroise | maraschino sauce

Crème brulée and Bourbon vanilla ice cream 9.50
crème brulée | Bourbon vanilla ice cream

Meringue 8.50
caramel and hazelnut meringue

Dame Blanche 8.50
vanilla ice cream | hot chocolate sauce | Advocaat liqueur

Ice cream and red fruit 8.50
vanilla ice cream | fresh red fruit | whipped cream

Asiette Isabel 7.50
3 types of sorbet | whipped cream topping

Parade of desserts 18.50
can be ordered for 2 people or more

Children’s ice cream 4.95
vanilla ice cream | strawberry sauce | sprinkles | whipped cream

Cheese and Port 14.50
domestic and foreign cheeses | white port

Dessert wine 5.95
Moscatel Late Harvest 2015 | Casa Vistamar

Bon Bon Plateau 8.95
handmade bonbons and sweets
4 different types of bonbons 4.75 | 1.25 each




Hennessy V.S.O.P. 7.50 | Hennessy X.O. 9,50.


Grappa, Calvados, Armagnac of Marcel Trepout, Marc de Bourgogne, Grappa di Barolo, Grappa di Barbera 7.50
Various single-malt whiskies 8.50


Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, D.O.M. Bénédictine, Tia Maria, Baileys, Sambuca, Amaretto, Limoncello di Capri 6.50

Coffee | Tea

Coffee, Espresso, Tea 2.75
Cappuccino, café au lait, Latte machiatto 2.95
Fresh mint tea or fresh ginger tea 3.50
D.O.M. Café with D.O.M. Bénédictine, French Coffee with Grand Marnier, Irish Coffee with Irish whiskey 8.00


Recommended wines

Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé Ardeche bottle 39.50 | glass 7.50
Slightly sparking wine. Delicious as an apéritif.

2018 Pinot Blanc bottle 29.50 | glass 5.95
A classic and friendly wine. This Alsatian white is full of flavor, elegantly dry and slightly herbal.
The finish is elegant and friendly.
Producer: Leon Meyer | Origin: France, Alsace
Style: Aromatic | 12.5% | Grape: Pinot Blanc

2016 Chardonnay Ardeche bottle 29.50 | glass 5.95
Beautiful, full-bodied and buttery Chardonnay, delicious with asparagus and fish.
From the Louis Latour winery, famous for its Chardonnay.
Producer: Louis Latour | Origin: France, Ardeche
Style: Fresh and full-bodied | 13% | Grape: Chardonnay

2015 Las Viñas, Rioja crianza bottle 29.50 | glass 5.95
Delicious, full-bodied wine; a typical Rioja, pairs wonderfully with red meats and curries.
Producer: Señorio de Las Viñas | Origin: Spain, Rioja
Style: Full-bodied | 12.5% | Grape: 95% Tempranillo and 5% Graciano

2016 Valmoissine bottle 42.50
This lovely Pinot Noir is soft on the nose, not the typical aroma. It has a pale, almost rosé-like color.
The taste is soft and smooth, and when slightly cooled this wine pairs very well with hearty fish dishes and asparagus.
Also goes great with Dutch cheeses and red meat.
Producer: Louis Latour | Origin: France, Provence
Style: Complex and intense | 13.5% | Grape: Pinot Noir


Bakker’s Wine List
Ask our staff for our extensive wine list and the menu with cellar odd and ends!

With coffee and drinks

With drinks


Handmade “bitterballen” 0.90 each
Venison “bitterballen” with truffle mayonnaise 0.90 each
Mixed cold and hot appetizers 6.50 per person
Cheese sticks, “vlammetjes”, butterfly shrimp 0.90 each
Shrimp croquettes from “Holtkamp”, 3 pieces 12.50
Young or mature cheese, 6 piece portion 5.95
Hausmacher and fried sausage from “Vlogman”, 6 pieces 5.95
Chicken livers wrapped in bacon and crispy fried 6.95
Mixed nuts, per portion 3.50
Garlic olives, per serving 3.50

Bakkers drinks board (2 persons)
Antipasto, various cheeses and hams, warm snack, piquitos and nuts, olives, bread and dip 13.50

Brand tasting

4 taster glasses of “Brand” seasonal beers accompanied by 4 complementary appetizers 12.50

Pastries and sweets with coffee

Home-made apple and apricot tart topped with whipped cream 3.50
Staring cinnamon cake from “Dick Ten Broeke” topped with whipped cream 3.25
Hazelnut meringue topped with whipped cream (gluten-free) 3.25
Artisanal hand-made bonbons, 1.25 per piece

Have something to celebrate?

Bakker in Vorden has years of experience in organizing parties, catering and events. Based on that experience, we will be happy to help you organize your wedding, anniversary, birthday, farewell party or business meeting.  Sporty, cozy, understated or exclusive: we will adapt the space and furnishings to your wishes.

More information…

Image - Lekker dineren bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Wild proeven bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Lekker eten bij Restaurant Bakker in Vorden

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