Catering from Bakker on location …

We will organise your party or event at your home or at a special location with the greatest of pleasure. We can take care of the entire coordination for you, including the decoration, sanitary facilities and even the musical accompaniment.

Everything culinary is also possible; from a small snack and stew buffet to a luxury dinner. Are you looking for a special location? Then inquire about our regular, stylish venues, including country houses and castles.

Catering prices

All prices are per person, unless otherwise indicated.


Gelders Breakfast 17.50 p.p.
Including table setting and all material.

Gelders Breakfast ‘Deluxe’ with salmon and cava 25.00 p.p.
Including table setting and all material.

Delivery charge
Vorden: 10,00
Verder: 25,00


Assorted sandwiches each 2,50
Soft brown and white, standard Gelderland ham/cheese/roast beef

Assorted sandwiches luxury each 3,75
Gelderland ham/cheese/roast beef/salmon and brie nicely garnished


Assorted spread sandwiches standard with 2x cup of coffee 15,00 p.p.
Assorted cake with 2x cup of coffee 6,50
Other arrangements upon inquiry

Packages, hall hire, rental of equipment, etc are all possible


Deluxe assorted appetizer per snack 1,25
Dish with 10 types of snacks

Assorted warm appetizer per snack 0,90
Dish with 10 types of snacks


3-course dinner from 35,00
4-course dinner from 45,00


All buffets can be delivered with plates, cutlery and heating equipment.

Barbecue 21,50 p.p.
Including BBQ

Barbecue deluxe 25,00 p.p.
Including BBQ

Italian cold and hot buffet 25,00 p.p.

Cold, hot and dessert buffet from 29,50 p.p.
Variations determined upon inquiry

Roe stew and Rabbit stew 17,50 p.p.
With red cabbage, puree and cranberries

Stew buffet 19,50 p.p.
Kale, sauerkraut, stew, pork chop, bacon, ribs and smoked sausage, gravy and pickles

Transport and personnel rates on request


Hotel Bakker offers you the bridal suite when booking the wedding.

Evening party (4,5 hours) 21,50 p.p.
Dutch spirits and 5 cold and hot appetizer (estimate, actual consumption is billed)

Wedding cake with a glass of cava 12,50 p.p.
Wedding cake with coffee and tea 10,00 p.p.

Dinner options
Final snack options
Assorted appetisers 4,25 p.p.
Hot and cold, 5 snacks p.p.
Coffee with petit four or other treat 6,50 p.p.

Reception (2,5 hours) 17,50 p.p.
Including Dutch spirits and 4 snacks p.p.

For catering on location, catering costs will be charged.
Prices are subject to estimate, you will receive a quotation after personal consultation.

Cateringmedewerkers - Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Catering op locatie van Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Catering in het bos van Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden

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