Three Bakker generations

Hotel-Restaurant Bakker is a real family business that celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020. In October 1945 Henny and Willem Bakker took over hotel Het Wapen van Gelderland from the Jansen family at this location. Willem Bakker was nicknamed ʻHaantjes-Willemʼ ‘because of the roosters he successfully served. And this Burgundian delicacy is still on the menu during the winter. After the takeover, the hotel was soon popularly known as “Bakker”, simply after the family. Klaas and Loke Bakker took over the business more than forty years ago and now the third generation is at the helm: daughter Liesbeth and her husband Jeroen Geubels. The timeless, pleasant and homely atmosphere of Bakker in Vorden remains, as well as the Achterhoek hospitality. Liesbeth: “It has always been that way and it will always be that way.”

In Fa. Milie BV from TV Gelderland, family businesses in Gelderse, from various branches, are put in the spotlight.
Hotel Bakker in Vorden and wine buyer Luuc van Boort in Zaltbommel are visited in the episode of 16 June 2022.
Opa en oma Bakker van Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Klaas en Loke Bakker van Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Liesbeth en Jeroen Bakker van Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden


 Het restaurant is weer dagelijks geopend voor lunch en diner.
Het café is dagelijks open tot 24:00 uur.

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