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Experience the Baakse Beek through the eyes of a world-famous landscape painter!

The landscape painter Johannes Warnardus Bilders (1811-1890) lived and worked from 1868 to 1878 in the summer months in Vorden and in particular in the brook valley of the Baaks and Hackfort Brook. He was a painter of national importance and is known as the forerunner of the Hague School. According to experts, this romantic painted his best work in Vorden, where he stayed in the Wapen van Gelderland, the current Hotel Bakker . His work inspired local parties to design a Bilders walk. It brings the famous landscape paintings to life in the area where they were made, an area that excels in rural natural beauty.

The walk leads along the Baakse Beek and past the locations where Bilders painted, with the parking area behind Hotel Bakker in Vorden as the start and end point. The route goes to Vorden Castle, along the Baak/Hackfort Beek to Hackfort home and back via the Enzerinckweide and the Veengoot. The route is approximately 12 kilometers long with a few shortcut options, boarding points and catering facilities en route.

Keywords of the Bilders walk are: romantic landscape painting, experience of nature (in particular water and landscape) and cultural history with landscape painter Bilders in the leading role, his life and work in Vorden and his vision of and experience of landscape and nature. In addition, the redesign of the stream and the intended nature development are discussed.

  • An overnight stay in a garden room with a view of the Beekdal
  • An extensive Achterhoek buffet breakfast
  • A 3-course “Bilders” menu
  • Walking trail for a beautiful walk on the Bilders path

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Wandel langs de Baakse Beek in Vorden met het Bilders arrangement
Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Wandel langs de Baakse Beek in Vorden met het Bilders arrangement
5 koks in de keuken van Restaurant Bakker in Vorden


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