x Bakker & De Krent package

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Just like Bakker in Vorden, Hotel – Café – Restaurant “De Gouden Karper” in Hummelo can boasts a long history of hospitality and gastronomy. De Gouden Karper is popularly called “De Krent”. Experience the best of both in a combi package and discover the beautiful Achterhoek landscape by bike. The Bakker & De Krent package includes:

  • An overnight stay at Bakker in Vorden
  • An overnight stay at De Gouden Karper in Hummelo
  • Twice a three-course dinner
  • Breakfast twice
  • The Achtkastelen cycle route (Vorden)
  • Cycle route along the IJssel to Doesburg (Hummelo)
  • Snacks on the go (both addresses)
  • Surcharge single room: € 15,- per night


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Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Fietsers Achtkastelenfietsroute bij Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Lekker overnachten en ontbijten bij Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden en Hotel - Café - Restaurant ‘De Gouden Karper’ in Hummelo