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Those who already know us a little, know that we are happy to drive the carriage for you with due pride. On the other side of the hotel, in the coach house, our carriages are polished and ready for you. By appointment we will take you for a ride on the Achterhoek cobbles. Tip: combine a ride with a lunch, tasting or game of clay pigeon shooting.

Carriage ride: from € 125,00 per hour. You can expand your coach ride with:


Coffee reception at € 4,75 p.p.

Our standard carriage ride starts with a reception at Hotel-Restaurant Bakker with two cups of coffee or tea with a Vorden “Zwanehals”. After which you take a ride in one of our authentic carriages through the wooded area of ​​Vorden.


Beverage stop at € 8,50 per person

For those who want to, a carriage ride can be extended with a sociable beverage stop in the forest. We then serve dry white, red and rosé wine, Brand beer, juniper, Beerenburger, Jägermeister, various soft drinks and Jus dʼorange. Of course accompanied by Gelders sausage, mature and new cheese.


Lunch à € 12,50 p.p.

After the coach ride, lunch will be ready to serve in our restaurant. You will be served a cup of rich vegetable soup, an assortment of white and brown bread sandwiches filled with various cheeses, gammon, smoked meats, roast beef and Coppa di Parma. With a glass of milk or buttermilk. If you would like to enjoy other drinks, these can be calculated afterwards. Tip: A picnic in the forest is a romantic extra, inquire about the possibilities!


Clay pigeon shooting á € 7,50 p.p.

In the woods at the coach, the Vorden Ball Shooting Club awaits you for a sociable round of ball shooting; an Achterhoek ball sport. Ball shooting in play * you can take a walk back to Hotel Bakker. We can present you with a prize in the form of a ball shooting keychain and a and a shooting pouch. In the event of lost gear, the cost will be for your own account.


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Koetsrit door de Achterhoek met Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Koetsrit door de Achterhoek met Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Koetsrit door de Achterhoek met Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden

Geopend voor hotelgasten!

Omdat een hotelovernachting buiten de maatregel van ‘horeca-sluitingen’ valt, mogen wij alleen hotelgasten blijven ontvangen. Het restaurant en de bar zijn gesloten. Het ontbijt, lunch en diner verzorgen wij op aangepaste wijze. 

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en kom fietsen en wandelen in de natuur rond Vorden.
Daarna genieten van een diner met heerlijke wijn in prive sfeer.

Bent u geen hotelgast?
Dan kunt u onze gerechten wél bestellen en afhalen of laten bezorgen.

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 Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u te allen tijde contact met
Jeroen Geubels opnemen op 0575-551312.

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