Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden is located in the middle of an age-old coulisse landscape: a colourful combination of forest, meadow, farmland and wooded banks. Typical farms, country houses and castles are tucked away here. The many hiking trails lead you along the most beautiful natural and cultural gems. Here are a few examples:  

Hackfort Estate | 4, 5 of 17 km

Three beautiful trails from natural monuments through a typical Achterhoek landscape. On the Hackfort estate you will find centuries-old fields surrounded by wooded banks, coppice forests, ponds and historical farms. Visit the watermill, the castle garden and relax in the ‘Keuken van Hackfort’, a brasserie in the restored coach house. Route information …  


A walk around Vorden

Get to know picturesque Vorden. You walk along one of the eight castles in this village, but also through the quiet old centre and the rural area around the Vordense Beek and the Veengoot. Route information…


Ockhorst route near Vorden | 8 km

In 2007, this route was declared the most beautiful detour in Gelderland by Landscape Management Netherlands. The hiking trail is extensive and clearly marked. The walk is varied, the landscape calm and small-scale, two beautiful estates are visited, a few farmers have hospitably made their land accessible. A map of this route is available at the VVV store in Vorden (2,50 €).  

Vorden, three castle hike | 11 km

Around the village of Vorden are several castles with well-kept country estates. This walk takes you past three of these castles. From the village you first walk past Den Bramel castle and after strolling through the beautiful estate ‘t Enzerinck’, you arrive at castle ‘t Enzerinck. From here, the trail leads towards the castle Vorden via beautiful and peaceful forest paths . Route information …  

Linde trail ANWB | 12 km

This route starts at Café ‘t Proathuus in the neighbourhood of Linde near Vorden. The route covers quiet paved roads and easily accessible dirt roads. It takes you through the Achterhoek coulisse landscape. Striking for this area are the ‘camps’ (high fields) at the farms and low grasslands, surrounded by wooded banks and small woodlands. Also of beauty is the castle from 1776 on the Kieftskamp, ​​with lanes, deciduous and coniferous forest and a heather field. Route information …  

Great Field Route 15 km

This hiking trail passes mainly through the Grote Veld nature reserve. And passing by a castle as an added extra. The hiking route is indicated by purple footsteps. More information and a route map can be found in the hiking package, “Hiking in the Achterhoek, North-West”. This is available at the Achterhoek VVV and can be ordered at the Hiking web shop.  

Vorden Estate | 17 km

On this route you take a varied hike through the rustic Vorden estates (with a beautiful castle!), Kieftskamp, ​​the Hissink, Grote Veld and Oud Voorden. Not only in these estates, but also on the connecting country roads, grassy paths along streams, winding paths through forests and tranquil asphalt roads, you will enjoy the variety in this beautiful part of Achterhoek. After Vorden you will not find any more restaurants along the way. Route information …  

Achterhoek hiking network

Tailor-made routes via nodes and select points. The hiking selection system in the Achterhoek is still young but very handy. With the help of a paper or digital hiking map, you can follow a ready-made hiking route or you can map out your own hiking route. There are 150 starting locations connected to more than 3000 kilometers of hiking trails. The starting points have information panels with route information. The hiking trails are indicated in the field with arrows. At a choice point, you will find a post with a red sign with a letter and a number where you can switch to a different route. These letters and numbers are also indicated on the map. Plan your walking route in the Achterhoek on the interactive map of the junction planner …  

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Watermolen Hackfort nabij Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
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