In 2013, The Achtkasteelenroute celebrated its 100-year anniversary. It makes the trip the oldest signposted cycle route in the Netherlands. In 1913 the mayor of Vorden guided tourists in his community around the eight castles for the first time. That role has since been taken over by guides from the Tourist Office. Every Wednesday afternoon they lead cyclists on the 30-kilometer journey. But you can also cycle the route on your own. Would you rather discover another side of Vorden? There are numerous (themed) cycling routes through the region, including those for kids: “In the tracks of Berend”.  

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Fietst de Achtkastelenroute vanuit Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Watermolen Hackfort nabij Hotel-Restaurant Bakker in Vorden
Sfeerbeeld wildkaart herten hotel restaurant Bakker Vorden

Aangepaste openingtijden

Vanwege de coronamaatregelen is het restaurant gesloten. Voor hotelgasten worden de maaltijden op de hotelkamer geserveerd.

U kunt onze wildspecialiteiten wel bestellen voor afhalen en bezorgen, voor zowel de lunch als het diner.

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